To provide you with the customer experience you've come to expect from GoLivMo, we utilize Help / Support Tickets to track and reply all queries.

  • When you create a Help / Support Ticket, you will receive an automated confirmation. If you do not receive one (or confirmed it's not in your Spam Folder), please submit it again.

  • Please click into the ticket to respond. This ensures that we can track all updates. Please do not reply to the notification email to reply.

  • We pride ourselves in responding to all tickets within 24 Hours. However, there may be instances where there is a surge of support requests. In such situations, responses may take up to 48 Hours.

  • If a ticket doesn't have a response in 30 Days, the system will automatically mark your case as Closed [SOLVED]. Should you still face issues, you are welcome to respond and/or create an updated ticket.



Visit our Help / Support Page > Click Tickets > New Support Tickets