Book any available accommodation rates on the LivMo Platform and enjoy our Best Price Guarantee.

LivMo offers the following “Best Price Guarantee”. 

If you have purchased an experience through LivMo and then show us that you can book the experience (matching the same details, dates and conditions) at a 10% lower rate that is publicly viewable and bookable on another platform, we will credit the difference in LivMo Credit to your LivMo account.

The Best Price Guarantee applies only to prices advertised and available to general public on websites other than at the time of verification.



Please collect the following information before completing the Best Price Guarantee Claim Form

  • Your LivMo Booking ID.
  • Your Booking / Account Email.
  • The address of the website where you found the better rate.
  • Up to three screenshots of the competitor site in which the experience (activity) availability, promotion type, and booking conditions for the required dates of your stay are clearly highlighted.
  • Invoice / Receipt for your booking on the competitor platform / website.
  • Bank Statement showing the single transaction only. (Note: Please hide all other sensitive information prior to sending it).


Note: All credits will be based on the final transacted amount shown in your purchase receipt.




Our "Best Price Guarantee" applies to confirmed bookings only. You must provide us with your LivMo Booking ID in order to make a claim.


  1. The following conditions must apply to the lower price submitted:
  • Same Experience / Activity
  • Same Booking dates
  • Same Benefits and Perks included
  • The Experience must be available publicly for LivMo’s confirmation at the time LivMo’s agent checks availability and prices.
  • Same currency
  • Prices must be the final rate including taxes and service fees

2. The “Best Price Guarantee” does not apply to reservations offering third-party loyalty program rewards, including frequent flyer miles redemption, or unpublished rates such as:

  • Private rates
  • Packaged rates
  • Experiences (Activities) sold as part of a travel package
  • Rates that are not available to the general public, which include:
    • Members-only rates
    • Corporate discount rates
    • Group or meeting rates
    • Loyalty programs
    • Any rates requiring specialized / private membership


3. LivMo has the right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim, including but not limited to, determining that it is for the same experience, or dates, and that it meets all terms, conditions, and claims processing requirements.


4. Our “Best Price Guarantee” cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.


5. LivMo reserves the right to amend, revise, supplement, suspend or discontinue the “Best Price Guarantee” at anytime.

6. LivMo holds the right to make a final decisions on all claims. This final decision cannot be appealed and all parties will acknowledge the final judgement.


Any questions regarding claims should be directed to our Customer Service team. (Click Here)