We believe that as our world becomes increasingly digitized, there is a growing demand for real-life experiences. LivMo leverages digital technologies that lead to the increased discovery of experiences that are personalized to each user.

At this moment, experience discovery is decentralized and there is no central global platform/app that users can utilize to discover unique and extraordinary experiences. We have the audacity to believe that we can fill that void.

Our goal is to focus solely on unique and extraordinary experiences that you can't find anywhere else. While others compete on price, we focus on providing a unique experience, while keeping costs competitive. Our mission to to bring this world together, to inspire us to live more, to make us a little less afraid of the unknown.

We aim to empower the next generation learning. Our vision sees a world learning not solely through books, but by living and experiencing things.

By connecting users with the experiences that truly matter, we believe that we can create a world where people lead more fulfilling lives.