Traditionally, event organizers plan events with expensive upfront costs such as hiring talent, booking an event venue, and buying advertising all before they could sell a single ticket. Which means that if they didn't sell enough tickets to make a profit, they risk losing a ton of money.

LivMo aims to eliminate the financial risks of hosting an event & experience in a few ways:

  1. Allowing Creators to set a minimum sales target within an allocated time, Users will be automatically refunded (minus 3.9% payment processing fees) should the target not be met.
  2. Creators can offer a limited number of discounted early-bird tickets.
  3. Creators can offer exclusive perks for crowdfunded experiences, to incentivise purchases. Perks can include VIP access, merchandise, and much more!

When we remove risk for underperforming experiences, we empower creators and communities to create new and exciting experiences. LivMo's crowdfunding system is exciting because it gives users a real say in the event. It allows them to be curators, offering a sense of ownership and engagement.