Every listing on LivMo needs to maintain strict quality guidelines. Please read the guidelines below to help you craft your listing more effectively.

LivMo's experiences are unique and extraordinary activities that you can feel, touch, taste, do, smell, hear and... well, experience. Experiences are tangible and packaged clearly so users know exactly what they are getting.

To help ensure all experiences meet the our user's quality expectations, they must meet the following standards in order to be on LivMo.

LivMo Experience Quality Guidelines

All experiences on LivMo must meet the quality guidelines listed below:

  • Expertise: Hosts have skill or knowledge pertaining to the particular field relating to the experience.
  • Hospitality: Hosts are friendly and welcoming to strangers or guests, and are able to facilitate connections between them.
  • Insider access: Hosts demonstrate their exclusive ability to do things the average tourist wouldn’t likely discover on their own such as: going to a lesser-known place, meeting a private community, ordering off-menu, going after hours, seeing backstage, etc.

Other requirements for experiences

In addition to our quality standards, all experiences and experience hosts must comply with the terms and conditions set forth in our Terms of Service. Here’s a summary of a few of these additional requirements:

  • Accuracy: Hosts must provide complete and accurate information about their experience, including the itinerary, time and date, meeting location, what they’ll provide to guests, etc.
  • Exclusive dates: Once a Host lists an experience for a particular date and time on LivMo, only LivMo guests can attend that instance of the experience.
  • Commitment to reservations: Hosts must honor all booked reservations, even if that reservation is for one person, unless they are forced to cancel due to a valid extenuating circumstance. Guest minimums are not supported at this time.

If you are interested in hosting an experience, create your experience now. Our Experience Architects will contact you should your listing not meet our quality guidelines. LivMo reserves to right to remove any listings that do not follow the above-mentioned guidelines.