Frustrations with current ticketing systems may be a contributing factor to the continued success of scalpers. (Scalping is the practice of buying event tickets and then on-selling them at a higher price or fraudulent duplicate tickets).

Increasingly, sophisticated computer programs (robots or “bots”) can make multiple, repeated requests from ticketing company websites in seconds – at the expense of the average fan.

While most countries have deemed it illegal to resell tickets at a price greater than 10% above the original sale price of the ticket, it hasn't created the impact the industry has wanted. Scalpers adapt their methods and find ways to feign compliance with legislation. 


At LivMo, our goal to provide users with the highest level of security protocols have us developing solutions in a few areas:

  • Blockchain Tickets
  • Mobile-only ticketing
  • Biometric access
  • Verified member purchases
  • Bot blocking security
  • [Coming Q2 : 2020]

Our goal is to focus on frictionless access to every experience, creating a faster and more exclusive user experience. LivMo utilizes cloud-based ticketing security for the management of e-tickets that guarantees maximum security and flexibility while minimizing the possibility of counterfeit tickets; without making the system complicated for its end users.


  • The guarantee that your purchased ticket is Authentic
  • Systems to protected against automated ticket purchasing bots
  • Ease of ticket transfer between friends & family
  • Track every ticket from purchase to entry, including ticket transfers and resale.
  • Control inflated pricing caused by scalpers and secondary ticket websites
  • Transparent booking fees

Our goal at LivMo is to create Experiences that you can trust.

(Note: If you would like to safely and ethically like to sell your ticket on we recommend using: