GoLivMo understands that most Creator's have their preferred ticketing system. We've worked with many of our Creator's feedback to develop a flexi-redemption process that suits your organization's workflow. Here are the options:



This is the preferred process favored by 98% of all our existing Creators. This ticket upload portal provides a simple process of getting the tickets directly into the hands of the buyers. Creators remain in full control to issue tickets that are in full compliance with their existing systems. 

[Ticket Upload Portal]

Upon each successful sale, you will receive an email purchase notification.

Click VIEW ORDER to view your booking details and/or SEND TICKET(S) to transfer the buyer's ticket(s).

After you log in, choose the Booking (Order) Number and click the 3 Blue Dots on the Right > Click VIEW

Under Customer Details, you can find the buyer's details / buyer's email

You can find the Send Ticket(s) button located next to the Customer Details, or in your Email Confirmation.

Click SEND TICKET(S) to enter the ticket portal. Enter the Booking Code, Buyer's Email and Upload the Ticket(s). Click SEND and you're Done!


Creators provide GoLivMo with a list of redemption codes. After each successful sale

  • A code will be sent to the buyer automatically with custom redemption instructions and a redemption link.
  • The buyer then proceeds to the Creator's booking system to redeem and schedule their experience.

GoLivMo will pay the Creator for each code sold. A purchase notification will be sent to the Creator automatically to alert the Creator of each sale.

A list of all purchases is also available in the Creator's personal dashboard.


Creators are also given the power to define Custom Redemption Instructions to all buyers. These instructions are displayed on each experience and on the buyer's ticket/booking confirmation.

Whether it is redeeming a physical ticket on-site, or to connect with the buyers directly to obtain more information, this method gives full control to Creators to engage buyers directly.