GoLivMo is a global experience marketplace, connecting users who are actively seeking new and exciting experiences, with companies, communities and individuals who are creating them. By providing users with access to an exciting array of experiences, we aim to create more fulfilling lives.

LivMo is an additional advertising and marketing channel to help you increase your customer reach and to increase your revenue. To remove risk, LivMo takes a referral fee ONLY when you make a sale. A Win-Win solution for you.

You can also allocate an additional promotional percentage, which will allow GoLivMo increased flexibility to run additional promotions, coupons and deals.

Creators also benefit from specialized options like:

Creators Dashboard: Creators now have free access to our Creators Dashboard, that offers full analytics, sales breakdowns, promotions and tracking. We put power into the hands of all our Creators.

Event Management Tools: Creators have the option of utilizing our RSVP & Digital Ticketing tools to help them better manage their check-in’s and RSVP lists.

Fraud Prevention: All experiences sold are based on blockchain technology. Every purchase is digitally logged to prevent fraudulent ticketing and reselling. Your safety remains our number one priority. (Coming Q2 2021)

LivMo is a key marketing and sales channel to help you sell more. You get to create new and extraordinary experiences, and it’s our job to help you sell it.

It really is that simple.