GoLivMo receives the complete amount of order paid by the buyer/customer. GoLivMo will automatically transfer your funds to your payment account after deducting any commission due.

Payment Amount Due

You can view the amount due to you (after commissions) on your CREATOR DASHBOARD

Dashboard >> Orders >> Order Payments and/or Commission Listing.

Payment Methods

By these payment methods, GoLivMo can transfer funds to Creators for their sales. 

  • PayPal
  • Bank Wire Transfer

(Note: Your account is locked until your payment details are entered. This means you won't be able to create a new experience).

Creator Payment Set-up (REQUIRED)

Creator Dashboard >> Profile->> Payment details >> Enter Payment Details >> Save
(Note: No payment will be issued if payment details have not been entered).

Payment Cycle

Payment for each sale will automatically be credited to you within 72 Hours after each purchase if you are using PayPal.

If you have opted for a Bank Wire Transfer, the final amounts due will be calculated at the end of each month (30th / 31st) and will be credited within 72 Hours.


Enter your account details, so we can pay you for each sale.

Options: PayPal / Bank Transfer