Our Users at GoLivMo, primarily use a smartphone / mobile (73%) to access the site. As such, we've designed our platform to be mobile-friendly. We have optimized the display of images to follow the ever-popular Instagram, square dimension.

Here are some tips to help your images stand out to buyers.


Our data has shown that Experiences with 6 or more images, sell up to 76% better.

We allow up to 10 Images per Experience.


1200 pixels x 1200 pixels @ 300dpi


Keep your subjects composed right in the middle of the image. Due to the symmetrical nature of a square image, a viewer's eye naturally focuses on the middle of the image.


Images with emotion and actions tend to catch a viewer's eye more than a static image. Use this to your advantage.

Try to stay clear of images of objects. Even if your experience utilizes a few objects, try to limit them to 1-2 images. Focus on showing people having fun. Images are aspirational and buyers want to be happy like the people in your images.