To provide the utmost flexibility for our Creators, we've created several redemption options from the feedback and input from our Creators community.

Here are some of the key redemption workflows:


Creators provide GoLivMo with a database of redemption codes. Upon each successful purchase:

  • A redemption code will be sent by our automated system.
  • We will track and tag each code used, and creators will receive email notification of each sale.
  • Customers will head over to the Creator's booking platform to schedule and confirm their selected dates and time.
  • The redemption code will be used to redeem the experience.
  • No further payment is required by the customer (unless additional products/services are selected).


Creators will receive a booking notification via email after each successful purchase. Upon receiving the booking notification:

  • Creator will click the 'Ticket Upload' button.
  • Creator to enter booking number and buyer's email.
  • Upload ticket(s)
  • Buyer will receive the ticket(s) and redeem them (following the redemption instructions)


Due to the impact of Covid-19, experience(s) group capacities have been severely affected during this period. Government mandates require small density groups and social distancing between participants.

As experiences have been affected during this unusual period, we have made our Concierge from our paid-tier available to all customers for Free. GoLivMo will actively help Customers schedule and provide real-time availability options (where applicable). Our goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Upon purchase, a customer will:

  • Click on our redemption concierge link in their email booking confirmation.
  • Customers will share the preferred date/time of their experience.
  • GoLivMo's Concierge will check the Creator's merchant portal for real-time availability and time-slots (vendor portal required). If the preferred date/time is not available, several available options will be provided.
  • Upon confirmation, GoLivMo's Concierge will schedule the experience.
  • Ticket(s) will be sent to the customer.

[Optional]: Some Government guidelines / Creators might require additional time-slot verification or health declarations. This will be communicated to the Customer.


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